Medicaid Contact Information

Medicaid/Medical Assistance
Find a listing of state agencies that provide Medicaid/Medical Assistance on the federal website.  

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Find a listing of state units at the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units. These units investigate and prosecute abuse and fraud by health care providers. 

Medicaid for a Special Needs Adult Child

What is Medicaid Coverage?

Medicaid is our nation’s primary health insurance program for people living with disabilities and helps these individuals remain in their communities to live and work instead of in segregated nursing homes or institutions. Both state and federal Medicaid together provide more than 75 percent of funding for services for people living with I/DD. (The Arc).

More than 10 million people are eligible for Medicaid based on a disability and about 6.2 million people qualify for Medicaid but are under the age of 65 and so do not have Medicare coverage. Medicaid beneficiaries living with disabilities can include those with physical conditions, intellectual or developmental disabilities and serious behavioral disorders or mental illness (MACPAC).

There are two ways you can apply for Medicaid coverage:

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