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A Top Priority

IMPACT (ACLI blog) article by Cindy Hounsell August 3, 2022 Every day financial needs like food, family and shelter take priority over saving for retirement.

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Five Wishes:  Helping Families Everywhere Since 1998

Caregivers often face unpleasant surprises later in life. Many people retire without considering the challenges that they – and those who help them – may face 20 years later. In the first 20 years of retirement, many retirees lose family members, suffer physical or mental decline, or face other life changes.

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I-Bonds Paying Interest Rate of 6.89%

Savings Bonds are often considered a safe and trustworthy investment because the U.S. government backs them. There are different types of savings bonds, the most recent and one of the most popular types being the I Bond.  A key feature of the I Bond is that it is inflation-protected.

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