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Thank you to the presenters, participants and sponsors who made our recent forum featuring the iOme Challenge such a great success. And congratulations this year's winner of the iOme Challenge, Evan Avila! Evan is a student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Read Evan's essay and watch his video in response to this year's Challenge question

As the winner of the Challenge, Evan received a $5,000 prize and presented his essay in Washington, DC. His faculty advisor for the project was Prof. Douglas J. Lamdin who also participated in the event.


Do You Know About the Saver`s Tax Credit?

Millions of working Americans are missing out on a valuable tax credit - The Saver's Credit. The Saver's Credit is available to low- to moderate- income workers who are saving for retirement, and it is effectively a federal match for retirement contributions. But only one in four workers potentially eligible to claim it are aware of it.

Learn more about the Saver's Credit.



WISER Founder Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

WISER is proud to announce that Cindy Hounsell, president and founder, will be presented with the Plan Sponsor Council of America's lifetime achievement award. The lifetime achievement award recognizes individuals' contributions to the growth of the defined contribution industry.

"Cindy is the perfect fit for our lifetime achievement award," said PSCA's executive director in a press release. "She's a recognized leader positively affecting policy and the changing views in the retirement community."



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