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Financial Literacy in Retirement report released at 1/13/22 Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing.

Forbes.com: WISER a "go to place for gender equity for women" in  Unequal Pay Bites Women in Retirement

WISER’s Going it Alone: A Guide for Widows receives Merit honors from the 2021 National Mature Media Awards.

WISER awarded 5-year grant to operate the National Resource Center on Women and Retirement.

Updated: Five Questions to Ask Your Mother or Grandmothermeaningful conversations to have with important women in your life.

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Women's key financial issues:

WISER and partners, the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, Inc., and MANA, A National Latina Organization, spotlight challenges that put older minority women at risk for poverty in old age and highlight opportunities for change. Report: Your Future Paycheck: Minority Women and Retirement Income

WISER partner RCH's Cash Out Calculator shows the high cost of cashing out your retirement savings.

Tempting, but don't do it! yahoo!money columnist Kerry Hannon's latest article reminds us: Tapping retirement funds is a terrible idea.

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BRN Report: Key challenges Facing State and Local Governments in Recruiting and Retaining Employees interview with WISER partner Mission Square Retirement's Joshua Franzel.

WISER receives GOLD honors from  National Mature Media Awards for its publication, 5 Questions to Ask Your Mother or Grandmother.

Financially Literate Newly Weds, Sound Right?
2022 is a banner year for weddings. WISER's Forbes post plugs a unique bonus gift — a visit to a financial planner.

Now available in Spanish! WISER’s guide, Financial Steps for Caregivers/ Medidas Financieras para los Cuidadores.

Thank you to all who participated in  WISER's iOme Challenge Forum and congratulations to the 2022 iOme Challenge winning team from St. Mary's College of Maryland.
Read the winning essay.

WISER featured as guest author on Social Security Matters' blog, Survivor Benefits: Four Tips Widows Need to Know.

The U.S. House passed the Securing a Strong Retirement Act, a bill that targets student loan borrowers, military spouses and low-income earners, among others, for help planning and saving for retirement. Read WISER's The Hill opinion article.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has several reverse mortgage resources for prospective and current borrowers and their families:

Your Future Paycheck® calculator is an annuity calculator. See how a lump sum payment would be converted to a monthly amount.

WISER partner Retirement Clearinghouse reaches new milestone in helping workers  save for retirement. Press release.

yahoo!money interview with WISER's Cindy Hounsell: Expert explains the ‘dirty secret’ when it comes to retirement and women

MarketWatch – The divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates gets attention – things to know about ending a long marriage. Interview with Cindy Hounsell (President, WISER)

MarketWatch article by Kerry Hannon: Women have made strides financially — why are we still afraid to talk about money?

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Top 5 Retirement Challenges for Women

WISER’s goal is to help women make the best financial decisions they can by providing the information and resources needed to take action and create a secure financial future.