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Now available in Spanish! WISER’s guide, Financial Steps for Caregivers/ Medidas Financieras para los Cuidadores.

Your Future Paycheck® calculator is an annuity calculator. See how a lump sum payment would be converted to a monthly amount.

Five Questions to Ask Your Mother or Grandmother offers help with meaningful conversations to have with important women in your life. The booklet won GOLD honors from National Mature Media Awards.

Planning Tool: The Longevity Illustrator from the American Academy of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries asks about your health and demographics and shows the likelihood that you (and your partner) may live to certain ages.

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Women's key financial issues:

WISER and partners, the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, Inc., and MANA, A National Latina Organization, spotlight challenges that put older minority women at risk for poverty in old age and highlight opportunities for change. Report: Your Future Paycheck: Minority Women and Retirement Income

ACL’s National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers is a roadmap to improved services and supports for family caregivers. Learn more about the RAISE strategy.

Georgetown AgingWell Hub Launches No Normal Retirement Journey Maps and Guide – The evolving retirement journey and experience. Because there is no normal.

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Efforts to keep workers from cashing out their 401(k)s gain steam, by Kerry Hannon, Yahoo Money Senior Columnist, covers a provision in President Biden's new legislation that aims to keep workers from cashing out their 401(k) when they move from one job to another—a problem WISER research shows is widespread, especially among younger workers.

Caregivers: be aware of your rights and protections when signing a contract to admit a loved one. ​See "Know Your Rights: Caregivers and Nursing Home Debt" from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

A New York Times article highlights the financial challenges for for many Latinas when it comes to long-term savings, and mentions WISER, our partner, MANA, and the Latina Savings Project.

WISER presented at the DC chapter of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists event — “Financial Caregiving: Promoting Planning & Resources to Help Employees”.

WISER partner Transamerica Institute’s latest survey report on women's retirement shows more than four in 10 working women (41 percent) expect to retire at age 70 or older or do not plan to retire.

A recent study 'Women Have Made Big Strides In Retirement Readiness' has some good news but it's "A snapshot of women with college education and careers,"  according to WISER's Cindy Hounsell"The extent to which women are prepared depends on individual circumstances.” See the article at AARP.org

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has several reverse mortgage resources for prospective and current borrowers and their families:

Why Your Plan for Retirement Should Start Now - Cindy Hounsell interviewed in HerMoney

AARP.com interview with WISER's Cindy Hounsell: Study: Women Have Made Big Strides In Retirement Readiness

New Hampshire Magazine – WISER's Lara Hinz quoted in The Cost of Widowhood

Retire With Purpose – The Retirement Podcast
Women in Retirement: Improving Long-Term Financial Security Through Education & Advocacy with Cindy Hounsell

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Top 5 Retirement Challenges for Women

WISER’s goal is to help women make the best financial decisions they can by providing the information and resources needed to take action and create a secure financial future.