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Financial Literacy in Retirement report released at 1/13/22 Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing.

Forbes.com: WISER a "go to place for gender equity for women" in  Unequal Pay Bites Women in Retirement

WISER’s Going it Alone: A Guide for Widows receives Merit honors from the 2021 National Mature Media Awards.

WISER awarded 5-year grant to operate the National Resource Center on Women and Retirement.

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Women's key financial issues:

WISER and partners, the National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, Inc., and MANA, A National Latina Organization, spotlight challenges that put older minority women at risk for poverty in old age and highlight opportunities for change. Report: Your Future Paycheck: Minority Women and Retirement Income

WISER partner RCH's Cash Out Calculator shows the high cost of cashing out your retirement savings.

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Tuesday, 1/25/22 ConsumerAction Webinar — Kitchen Table Economics: Dealing with debt and debt collection. What consumers can do when faced with more bills than money.

WISER's Cindy Hounsell testified at the Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing: "Financial Literacy: Addressing the Unique Just-in-Time Decisions Older Americans and People with Disabilities Face."

Forbes: Retirees Need More Just-In-Time Support For Financial Decision Making, Senate Report Asserts

NPR Spotlights Independent/Gig worker project in West Virginia

Congratulations Rich Eisenberg: How He Decided To Retire: Goodbye but not Farewell.

WISER's Financial Caregiving Hub Launched! Join the mailing list to receive updates and "Ask the Experts"!

Updated: Five Questions to Ask Your Mother or Grandmothermeaningful conversations to have with important women in your life.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has several reverse mortgage resources for prospective and current borrowers and their families:

Your Future Paycheck® calculator is an annuity calculator. See how a lump sum payment would be converted to a monthly amount.

WISER partner Retirement Clearinghouse reaches new milestone in helping workers  save for retirement. Press release.

yahoo!money interview with WISER's Cindy Hounsell: Expert explains the ‘dirty secret’ when it comes to retirement and women

MarketWatch – The divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates gets attention – things to know about ending a long marriage. Interview with Cindy Hounsell (President, WISER)

MarketWatch article by Kerry Hannon: Women have made strides financially — why are we still afraid to talk about money?

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Top 5 Retirement Challenges for Women

WISER’s goal is to help women make the best financial decisions they can by providing the information and resources needed to take action and create a secure financial future.