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Social Security is the foundation of retirement income for most Americans. That is why it is important to learn about how Social Security works and understand what your options are so you can get the benefit you deserve and avoid costly mistakes.

To get started, check out WISER's guide, Social Security: What Every Woman Needs To Know or download the PDF. For more resources, visit the Social Security section of the website and be sure to sign up for your online Social Security account at



Thank You for a Successful Event!



Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and attendees who participated in WISER's recent symposium, Retirement Income: Strategies, Choices, and Decisions. The program focused on examining the challenges women (and men) face securing retirement income strategies due to longevity risks and the changing nature of retirement plans.

The event brought together leaders and experts to discuss helping consumers get through the complexity and confusion of managing income for 20-30 years. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

WISER Wins National Mature Media Award

WISER is pleased to announce that our newsletter feature, Make Aging in Place Your Plan: The Key to Living Longer and Independently has been recognized by the 2018 National Mature Media Awards, winning silver in its category. WISER's winning article discusses the importance of developing and implementing a plan on how and where we want to live for the rest of our lives, and how this may help us avoid problems later on, including the risk of poverty in old age.

The National Mature Media Awards is the nation's largest awards program that annually recognizes the best marketing, communications, educational materials and programs for adults age 50 and older.  


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