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Helping Women Become WISER Women

WISER helps women retire with dignity and security.... And you can, too!

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WISER gives hope to women who need basic financial and retirement education to improve their lives. Often women are in the difficult position of making big financial decisions while being unable to afford even a small mistake.

Each year, WISER helps thousands of women through our workshops, trainings, publications and research.  Moving forward, we will continue to educate women and families about preparing for the future. 

Your financial support provides the tools and resources that make a difference and help women avoid poverty later in life.

Join WISER in bringing economic security to all women and their families.

Donations can be made online or by mailing a check to:

1001 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 730
Washington, DC 20036

If you are with a company or organization and would like information about becoming a sponsor, please contact Lara Hinz at 571-212-0695, or via email at Lhinz@wiserwomen.org.

"Saving for retirement is a big stressor in my life. I have always had jobs that didn't offer retirement plans and I felt like I had to figure it out on my own. Because of WISER, I feel like I have more options now, and I have developed new financial skills and knowledge."
-WISER Savings Project Participant
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