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Your Social Security Benefit Statement May Be Wrong

This summer, reporters with Forbes and USA Today discovered that Social Security had mailed out thousands of incorrect benefit statements to prospective recipients. A number of those who asked for information on their account via a paper form, known as SSA-7004, between 2017 and now, received benefit statements that were off by as much as hundreds of dollars.

Learn more and find out how to check the accuracy of your statement.



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Auto-portability Will Help Workers Avoid Cashing Out of Retirement Accounts 

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has paved the way for widespread adoption of an auto-portability program. Auto portability is the  automated movement of a worker's retirement account from a former employer's retirement plan to their new plan. Developed by Retirement Clearinghouse, auto portability is designed to curb cash out leakage and dramatically improve outcomes for plan participants.

Read WISER's newsletter about the importance of not cashing out, and check out a recent WISER blog about why this is especially important for women. 


Featured Resources: Divorce and Retirement

Divorce book


Going through a divorce can be a very emotional and difficult situation to navigate, which can leave individuals financially vulnerable as well. It is important to focus on your finances and what you need to do to protect yourself before your divorce is finalized.

Divorce and Retirement: How to Take Control of Retirement Benefits is a short, common-sense guide that explains the importance of retirement benefit assets and offers valuable information on marital property, negotiating an agreement, and getting a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).


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