New From WISER

New From WISER

New Developments in Medicine for Older Americans

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Life expectancy for both male and females continues to climb and with it the impact of chronic conditions. Biopharmaceutical researchers are developing new medicines to target these diseases, which greatly affect retired Americans. Learn more...

Introducing WISER`s Lifetime Income Calculator

Annuity calculator

We've updated our section on annuities, complete with a calculator to help you calculate your annuity based on a monthly income or a lump sum investment. To start, take a look at our Annuities 101 page, then explore our Types of Annuities to discover which one is best. We also offer some shopping tips so you can find the best price for you. Once you feel you have a handle on your choices, check out all your options with our calculator!

Amazon Smile

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If you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate .5% of your eligible purchases to WISER. It's an easy way to give back, without costing you any extra! AmazonSmile offers the same products, prices, and services. Why don't you try it today?

Check Out the WISER Blog

Elderly Veteran

Millennials Aren't Saving - What's the Problem?

Our most current blog discusses the research by Wells Fargo, released at our June 10th event. Millennials are concerned with debt, yet continue to outspend their income. Gender differences are stark, with women earning less and therefore saving less than males. Find out more...

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