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The Pay Gap is Connected to the Retirement Gap

Juggling Caregiving DutiesApril 14th was Equal Pay Day. This is a day to bring attention to the wage gap that exists between women and men. Many are familiar with the fact that women earn 78 cents for every dollar men earn, but what is less known is how the gender wage gap leads to a "retirement income gap." This gap is a major factor contributing to women's poverty in old age. Read WISER's Special Report on the retirement income gap, and check out the Working Woman's Retirement Plan Checklist to help you prepare for a financially secure retirement. 


It`s National Retirement Planning Week!

National Retirement Planning Week 2015

National Retirement Planning Week (April 13-17) is a national effort to encourage Americans to plan for their financial needs in retirement. WISER is proud to be a coalition partner. Visit for planning tools and resources. This is also a great time to learn about a new way to save for retirement: the myRA! Learn more about the myRA and check out WISER's "10 Reasons to Say Yes to myRAs" fact sheet.

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Guest Blog: The Importance of Social Security for Women

Women live longer than men, yet will often retire earlier and with smaller pensions and fewer assets. They are, therefore, at a higher risk of outliving their retirement savings than men. In our newest blog, guest blog author Carolyn W. Colvin, Acting Commissioner for Social Security Administration discusses the importance of Social Security for women. This feature is part of our joint efforts in the Campaign for a Secure Retirement.

WISER Featured on CBS Evening News

In case you missed it, WISER President, Cindy Hounsell was recently featured on the CBS Evening News in a report on why women struggle to save for retirement. Click here to read the article and watch the clip.

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