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NPR recently featured WISER on two of its programs. All Things Considered took a look at WISER's Appalachian Savings Project which is now in its second year. This program helps low-income workers without access to employer plans - specifically childcare workers in the West Virginia and Ohio Appalachian region - save for retirement.

WISER President, Cindy Hounsell, spoke with the Morning Edition on why women are not investing, despite needing more money in retirement than men. Women are terrified of retiring with little savings, but have remained hands-off when making investment decisions.

Thank You for Participating in WISER`s Forum!

Expanding Savings & Retirement Opportunities: A Dialogue among Generations


Thank you to the speakers and attendees who participated in WISER's Spring forum on April 2nd.  This forum featured the iOme Challenge winners who discussed their essay response to challenge questions which encourage young people to think about the current state of retirement and propose research-based solutions for both older and younger generations.


For details click here.  And check out photos from the event on WISER's facebook page.

iOme Winners

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Nearing Age 70 1/2? The Law Requires You to Start Pulling Out Your Retirement Savings

WISER receives lots of questions from women about how to take distributions from their retirement accounts: What are the rules? How much will I have to pay in taxes? How can I minimize those costs? We begin to tackle this topic in our latest newsletter. Other featured articles include President Obama's myRA plan, information for living to 100, and tax tips.

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