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Five Wishes:  Helping Families Everywhere Since 1998

Caregivers often face unpleasant surprises later in life. Many people retire without considering the challenges that they – and those who help them – may face 20 years later. In the first 20 years of retirement, many retirees lose family members, suffer physical or mental decline, or face other life changes.

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I-Bonds Paying Interest Rate of 6.89%

Savings Bonds are often considered a safe and trustworthy investment because the U.S. government backs them. There are different types of savings bonds, the most recent and one of the most popular types being the I Bond.  A key feature of the I Bond is that it is inflation-protected.

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Leaving a Job or Working Part-Time

It is important to understand and plan for the financial and retirement costs of changes to your employment. If you are thinking about leaving your job or reducing your hours to part-time, find out what will happen to your benefits. Decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on your financial future.

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Three Retirement Planning Tips For Women

In 1939, Ida May Fuller stopped by the local Social Security office in her hometown of Rutland, VT to get information about Social Security. The following year, she received the very first Social Security benefit payment. Ida’s story still holds lessons for women today—and it started with her getting the information she needed. Today, signing up for a personal my Social Security account can help you get tailored information to plan for your retirement.

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