The main mistakes when playing Blackjack

The game of Blackjack has now become one of the most saturated competition in the segment of confrontation between professional players. Many books have been written about it, and the optimal playing strategies are widely known and revealed, capable of bringing the fortunate player huge amounts of money in tournaments. Nevertheless, mistakes continue to be made, just like in the old days, and now it's even more important for the player to know what not to do when playing blackjack. Blackjack games for fun.

So, many people try to play so as not to overcards. But there's no logic involved, because if you don't take a risk and don't draw a new card with 12 points in your hand, you should lose less often. But you can't really play without trying for a long time - it confuses beginners, but nevertheless, you shouldn't do it. The point is that by avoiding the overcall, the player only gets the hand with less than 50% overcall probability, and therefore the dealer will win more often. After all, the dealer needs to stop on 17 "soft" hands, and if the player stops on 14 or smaller hands, there will be no chance to win at all.

Players also often try not to go for doubling bets. But in the right situations it is definitely the best tactic and the best way to collect big money. Some casinos give the right to double only if certain combinations, but if a player is sure that the last card will be a winning card (if the hand is 10 or about 11 points), the bet can and should be doubled.

Many people also try to play those tables where the dealer gets up to 18 "soft" points. But you really ought to avoid them! The percentage of guaranteed casino winnings at 17 is, in terms of mathematical statistics, only 0.02% lower than at 18, but if you play a lot of games, you'll understand what those fractions of a percent mean. The player's job is to take all the odds the casino can get for itself.

It's also bad practice to divide a great hand of cards. A good hand should not be split into two, because you will also have to pay in excess of the necessary betting, which is already stacked not in the player's favor. 10 or 20 points do not divide - this is a great rule and should be followed very diligently.

Also, many professionals remind us that trying to count cards when playing with a machine rather than a dealer is a pointless exercise. Counting is a great way to make money offline, but in a game, the machine does not always assume that it has the same deck when discarding cards. Often it is programmed as if it has a new deck after every small deal, so there is essentially nothing to count.