How to Get Started On Retrogaming

Now that the gaming market is teeming with cool titles, it can be hard to believe that some people may still be looking for retro games once released on retro consoles. Fun and cute characters like Mario, Kirby, and Link give way to realistic and meticulously elaborated characters like Alyx Vance and Senua. The enhanced graphics and VR techs allow players to get a better feel of a game and enjoy a more immersive experience, leaving the good old console titles far behind. Nevertheless, more and more gamers scout for retro games to play on their modern devices. Though this fact may come as a big surprise to avid fans of modern games, good old school titles are never out of fashion due to their peculiar nature. Classic games possess that particular charm, originality, and the spirit of primordial fun lots of modern titles lack. So, if you’re looking for Atari 2600, Sega genesis, or Nintendo DS ROMs, you should know you’re not alone. There are slews of classic gamers scouting abandonware websites for quality old school games that normally come in the form of ROMs. If you’re about to embark on the retro journey, but don’t know where to start, make sure to read today’s article.

A Few Words about ROMs and Places to Look for Them

The 80ies gave rise to what is known as ‘the golden age’ of video gaming. Bach then, you could hardly find a household that didn’t own at least one home video game console, a magical tool wherewith one could dispel the boredom and enliven even the dullest of the evenings. Now putting your hands on a physical console like GBA, PlayStation 1, Super Nintendo, or any other of their ilk can be quite challenging, not to say impossible. But you don’t have to worry. If you want to start playing favorite classics, you can do it on your computer or even mobile device. You need to download dedicated games or game ROMs, to be exact. ROMs are images of the games burnt from original game discs or cartridges. If you download a ROM file from a reputable website, you can rest assured you get a quality classic game compatible with modern platforms and your device. At you can find a vast collection of your favorite retro titles. You can easily locate a desired game in the dedicated console section or search for a specific title. There is no limit as to how many games you can download.


ROMs alone aren’t enough for retro gaming. Another tool you require is a dedicated emulator that can run the downloaded ROMs and provide you with the best experience possible. Make sure that the emulator you’re going to install is meant to run, say, NDS or PS2 games. You also would be well advised to ensure the selected emulator is not obsolete and compatible with your operating system. There are tons of offers available on the Internet. Not all of them are trustworthy and safe. It’s a good idea to do some research about any emulator you aim to download and check its rating. Lots of modern emulators can be obtained through app stores which provide detailed description of products and display its overall rating. What’s more, emulators can be downloaded from abandonware websites which offer ROMs. Note that some emulators come bundled with ROMs. But those games surely won’t suffice to quench your retro gaming thirst. So, you want to get some new ROMs anyway.

Playing Retro Games

Once you get your emulator installed, you can put all the downloaded ROMs into the dedicated game folder. You can run the desired games from there anytime. Don’t forget to tweak the default setting to make your gaming more exciting and convenient. Some emulators allow utilizing cheats, which help you progress through the game faster and make use of more, much more in-game goodies. 

Retrogaming is a great way to unwind and pay tribute to all those people who stood at the origins of the gaming industry, as well as arcade and console gaming, which is now an integral part of popular culture. Get a couple of nice ROMs and an emulator, you’re all set to dive headfirst into the atmosphere of unrestrained fun and childhood memories.